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Rewards Credit Card Basics

How Do Reward Credit Cards Work?

When eligible transactions are made with the credit card, rewards programs award the cardholder with points, miles, or cash back. You might be able to redeem those benefits for things like statement credits, checks, travel, charitable donations, cash back, goods, gift cards, and more depending on the card that you use.

Rewards Credit Cards Are Available

How Can You Earn Credit Card Rewards?

When you make purchases that qualify for rewards using your rewards credit card and/or when you exceed the spending threshold required to obtain the card’s sign-up or welcome bonus, you can earn rewards with many different types of rewards credit cards. When you refer a friend to the card and that friend is approved for the card, you are eligible for a referral bonus. When you add an authorized user to your credit card account, you are eligible for an additional bonus. Rewards credit cards may also offer annual bonuses on the account anniversary each year. Please keep in mind that some transactions, such as cash advances, balance transfers, and some other transactions, may be ineligible to earn rewards on.


Rewards Credit Cards Are Available​

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